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【夢に生きる僕を、応援してくれませんか?】 ___________ - instagram post view

【夢に生きる僕を、応援してくれませんか?】 ___________...

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東北・仙台旅行✈️ 【観光編】 日本三景 松島(福浦島) この旅最大の - instagram post view

東北・仙台旅行✈️ 【観光編】 日本三景 松島(福浦島) この旅最大の...

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こんにちは😊 今回は @imuyaattin さんの #tabinikki を記録✍ . 📍サーロイ塔  - instagram post view


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📍#麺散 おろしぶっかけかしわ天明太子トッピング。 茄子の天ぷら無かっ - instagram post view

📍#麺散 おろしぶっかけかしわ天明太子トッピング。 茄子の天ぷら無かっ...

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おはようございます! ・ 昨日は大学時代の仲間たちと日本酒を楽しんで - instagram post view


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. . . . 岐阜城🏯 . バスから岐阜城が見えた瞬間ロープウェイで登りたいと - instagram post view


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Sep. 2019 , Arbellobelo , Italy 🇮🇹 イタリアの世界遺産 #アルベロベッロ . .  - instagram post view


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この占い、絶対当たると思いませんか?名前がすごく良い。 * 台北の行天 - instagram post view


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Best Cities in World

Instagram London Photos & Videos
United Kingdom Capital City : London

London, indeed, is the capital, but not only of Great Britain. A total of the British Commonwealth, which includes 53 independent States! In this sense, Britain has remained the largest Empire in the world, whose head is formally the Queen of England. In addition, the city of London, which houses the Bank of England and the #London stock exchange, is the financial capital of the world, a separate County with its privileges, administration, and police. And on the outskirts of London is the Greenwich Observatory, through which passes the conditional reference line of longitude and time zones the zero Meridian. All this makes it possible to say with confidence; if any city can claim the title of the capital of the world; it is London.

Instagram Stockholm Photos & Videos
Swiss Capital City : Stockholm

The capital of the Kingdom of Sweden is Stockholm, which is also the largest city in the country. It is home to about 22% of the total Swedish population (approximately 880,000 inhabitants). It is located on the channels connecting Lake Mälaren and the Baltic Sea on fourteen Islands. The suburban area of Stockholm is the most populated area in Sweden. The city is the main residence of the Swedish king, the government meets, as well as the Nobel Committee. The name Stockholm is usually translated as 'Log Island'. The city is a sample of Scandinavian comfort, one of the most beautiful cities on the Baltic Sea and a major European port. Visit it is worth at least just for a walk through the area Gamla Stan 'Old town', located on three Islands, which originally belonged to the name of Stockholm, with the expansion of the city spread to other areas. In 1998, #Stockholm has named the European capital of culture.

Instagram Tokyo Photos & Videos
Japan Capital City : Tokyo

Tokyo is a super-modern mega-city, one of the few world capitals whose recognition is aimed at international economic stock markets, at the same time combining with ancient traditions, history, and rich culture. The city of #Tokyo has very rich roots of its history. Japan is primarily a state with a monarchic along with the parliamentary rule. This super metropolis is home to more than 10% of the total population of the Japanese archipelago, that is, more than 12 million people today live in Tokyo (a quarter of all Japanese), while the total number of people living in Japan is 123 million. This urban area where the most diverse cultures and traditions of Japan and throughout Asia are intertwined.

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